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What is Data Storage and Organisation?

With Data Storage and Organisation you can store and organise your data. It remembers every change you make, synchronises without a worry, and is browsable in terms of how you think about the data you’re looking for.

Data Storage and Organisations Core Features

  • Synchronise your data across many devices safely and transparently
  • Organise your data with a semantic filesystem
  • Backup every change you make


For a long time file systems have required extra tools to provide features like backup and synchronisation. These tools have generally failed to meet all of the requirements of the user. For instance, backing up data would require setting a selection of data to be backed up, and a time set for the backup to occur, similarly synchronisation requires configuration of the devices to synchronise with a method to invoke the synchronisation.

This bothered us, the developers of Data Storage and Organisation. It is our belief that there is a better way to fulfil these requirements. Over the last two years we’ve pondered how this can be achieved. The result of our work is Data Storage and Organisation. Data Storage and Organisation builds ontop of concepts and technology developed for Distributed Version Control Systems used by software engineers. We use the concepts within this form of technology to provide both backup and synchronisation in a completely new way.

We don’t just stop there, we’re also concerned with how users tend to build difficult to manage or difficult to navigate folder structures for storing their files. It seemed obvious to us that we should build into Data Storage and Organisation a way to structure data in such a way as to ensure an easy path to any file which complies with the in-built capability for people to effectively forage for what it is they are looking for.