Dedicated Server Benefits

dedicated servers

A dedicated server is basically a server which hosts your site exclusively, which can not only increase the productivity of your website, but can improve the load times of pages, as well as helping to optimise your security. 

A dedicated server basically means your site has its own server, entirely for its own sake.

If a business needs a dedicated server but does not have the time or resources to run the server itself, dedicated hosting is a cheap way to get access to all of the resources a full-fledged server has. 

When choosing a dedicated hosting provider, you are getting all of the resources of individual servers. However, dedicated servers offer better stability and reliability compared to shared hosting, if your site gets lots of traffic.

Since you will not be sharing the servers resources with another site, you do not run into that issue with dedicated hosting. 

hosted servers

If you are using a dedicated server for hosting your site, you do not need nearly as much storage, but you do need capable servers that can handle traffic. In fact, if you have no budget constraints, then opt for a dedicated host to increase website reliability and security.

One major advantage to using dedicated hosting is security, having your own hardware and Internet connection. Dedicated hosting has the advantage over VPS in terms of security, if only because you have absolute control over how your servers are running and operating. 

From total server management, to increased security and reliability, you are getting plenty of benefits with a dedicated hosting solution.

Additionally, you have complete control over how the server is configured, including hardware configurations and customizable software options. Because you control the server, you have control over what does — and does not — happen to your dedicated game server.

Since the dedicated server is not shared, the physical access to the machine is much more controlled than with alternate server setups and hosting environments. 

In dedicated web hosting, a customer leases the server from a committed hosting provider and uses only the servers’ resources. The provider works with the customer to provision necessary CPU, memory, and storage.

A dedicated hosting provider builds and maintains a server, eliminating upfront costs for a company that would have to buy one on its own. 

A dedicated hosting provider handles the costs of building and maintaining server hardware, which lowers a company’s overhead when buying server space, improving its return on investment. 

A dedicated server allows agencies and web hosting retailers to manage their clients from a single location, rather than having to manage multiple hosting accounts across different providers.

Hosting solutions providing dedicated servers and hosted servers typically handle smaller numbers of clients and can offer greater resources (including multiple servers) to make sure customers are happy with their services. 

Hosting services can configure more servers’ computers to deal with additional volumes, but shared servers may still face data retention limits, and, more important, speed issues. You may be able to obtain higher capacity, storage, and throughput for hosting your company.

You can host your site on shared servers, getting more resources for less. Your site is substantially less likely to fail, you get much more bandwidth to deal with the traffic during peak hours, and, best of all, your site loads much faster than it would on a shared host. 

Your website loads substantially faster than other hosting alternatives. Offers greater degree of reliability The performance of your website is affected by the other sites on the server on shared hosting.


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