The Best Way To Get Many YouTube Views

youtube views

YouTube has a huge number of users and it is a premium platform that reaches audiences worldwide. It doesn’t matter whether you are networking, vlogging about popsockets, sharing recipes or showing people what you can do – it has the ability to reach billions. Especially if you have a phone holder for your hands; it makes it super easy to film.

 How exactly do you generate more views on YouTube? Here are a few tips that can show you how:

Use descriptive and keyword titles

Ensure you know how to do keyword research. Having an interesting and descriptive title provides keywords (for the site algorithm) that helps YouTube categorise your video by relevance. That way you can attract the right users, and inform them about your video and your whole YouTube channel. To conduct this kind of keyword research you can use various SEO methods, like keyword planners and other such keyword research tools.

To check for keyword popularity on YouTube, you need to go to the keyword planner and use the YouTube search bar located on the right side of the browser. You can then optimize your video content for the correct keywords, which will help you to gain organic views. Basically it works by informing both the search engines and YouTube users about the video. 

Keyword rich descriptions with quality

The video description is where you can better inform search engines (and people) about what the video is about. That can improve your click-through rate as YouTube will recommend it to its users that have those interests. Try and stand out with your captions, but make sure they are relevant to what people would be searching for on YouTube. Remember that you are trying to rank for the short-tail keywords. That way you are attracting the users with your descriptions, while simultaneously optimising them correctly for the search engine in YouTube.

Use the tags

YouTube’s video tags will help to distinguish what your video content is about and how it will help the algorithm understand what users will see when they view your video. You need to add these tags in addition to your descriptions and the title – just remember that it all needs to reflect what your video is about. Again, you need to be thinking short-tail SEO.

Optimize the thumbnail image

Your thumbnail image is a hero image that can work wonders when you need to increase your video views. These pictures are the first thing people see when your video shows up in the suggested videos section, on Google’s organic results page or on social media. Aim to use high-quality images and fun fonts to engage with the viewers. That’s the best way to attract them to click on your video. 

Create transcripts of your videos 

Transcripts of captions of your videos is still being debated as to whether it increases your YouTube ranking or not. Closed captions can aid in getting more YouTube views as they cater to international audiences. It also helps people with hearing problems understand what the video is about. When you are ranking well on YouTube’s organic results, your traffic will likely improve at a faster rate. When it comes to buying your YouTube views – it might give you a quick boost in views – but in the long term, it is most likely going to hurt your rankings. 

Publish content that both entertains and educates your viewers 

Your video will need to provide value to the viewer, whether it is keeping them engaged and entertained or educating and helping users to understand something. When users are finding the content valuable to them, they will come back for more, which will increase the views on all of your future videos. 


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